Product Description

Brahmastra is based on Ancient India Viraksha Ayurvedic Formula. It boosts natural disease resistance power in plants, provides plants and crops with nutrients, and controls various types of insects and mites.


Diseases Controlled

   1.  Mites and Spiders

   2.  White Fly

   3.  Virus attacks

In addition, it provides all the Micronutrients to the plants, including Zinc, Iron Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, etc.



Ingredient Technical Name
Gaumutra Cow Urine
Tambaku Nicotiana tabacum
Garlic Allium sativum
Neem Azadirachta indica
Inert Ingredients -


Product USP

  1. 100% Organic Can be sprayed in Sun (heat)

  2. Shelf Life 2 years

  3. Immediate Results

  4. Broad Spectrum Product

  5. Works on all crops and plants



Tobacco, cotton, citrus, paddy, pepper, tomato, flowers, vegetables, onion, melons, papaya, cucurbits, capsicum, potato, peanuts, soybean, maize, wheat, garlic, ginger, radish, carrot, okra, cauliflower, etc.

It is also suitable for other crops, millets, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards, and ornamentals.



  1. 75ml. per 15 Liter Pump [12-15 pumps per Acre]

  2. 1000ml./ Acre for Spray



Brahmastra is compatible with a wide array of agricultural fertilizers, insecticides, defoliators, herbicides, foliar micro-nutrients, PGR, and pesticides. It is recommended to do a small jar test before preparing a full tank mix. Also, check the compatibility of the other chemical before mixing.