Product Description

Crown Sulf –WG is a 90% Sulphur Fertilizer (0-0-0-90) designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to Sulphate throughout the growing season. Research shows that Crown Sulf –WG Sulphur converts to Sulphate faster than other elemental Sulphur for season-long nutrition and high yields.



  ♦ Sulphur present in Crown Sulf –WG helps activate enzymes responsible for increasing oil & protein content in Oilseeds/Pulses (Legume Crops).

  ♦ Crown Sulf –WG helps maintain the appropriate pH of the soil, thereby better uptake of other nutrients.

  ♦ Crown Sulf –WG Improves 

    ► Quality Of Fruits & Vegetables.

    ► Baking quality of wheat.

    ► Commercial Cane Sugar% (CCS).

    ► Pungency of Onion, Chilly & Garlic.

    ► Nutritive quality of forage.

 ♦ Crown Sulf –WG will give poor quality alkaline soil more tilth, reduce soil crusting, make more phosphorous and micronutrients available, and remove sodium that can cause poor aeration and slow water uptake.


DOSAGE: 3 Kg./ Acre


PACKAGING : 3 Kg Poly Pouch, 15 Kg Bucket, 30 Kg Drum