Gypsum Mineral Granules

Gypsum Mineral Granules

Product Description


Natural Gypsum is a soft Sulphate mineral composed of calcium Sulphate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO42H2O. It is widely mined and is used as a fertilizer, and as the main constituent in many Industries. It contains three main elements i.e. Calcium, Magnesium & Sulphur.


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 16000 Order
Usage/Application Agriculture
Packaging Size 50 Kg Bag
Color Black, Off-White, Red
Form Granules
Packaging Type 50 Kg Bag
Reliable Loose The Tightness Of The Soil


Product USP:

  ♦  Can be used on all Crops and Plants

  ♦  Cheap and Affordable for Farmers

  ♦  Organic / Mineral Product

  ♦  Best way for plants to receive Secondary Nutrients

  ♦  Granulated Form ensures that it can be spread by Mechanical Devices

  ♦  Calcium / Magnesium / Sulphur is in readily available form.

  ♦  Cheapest way to provide Secondary Nutrients to Crops and Plant



Good soil structure is one of the most fundamental ingredients necessary to produce vibrant, healthy plants and lush velvety lawns. The use of Gypsum Soil Conditioner is one of the surest ways of insuring good soil structure.  

It is a natural soil conditioner that aids plant and lawn growth by loosening heavy, dense, and water-impervious clay soils. 

It loosens the soil, making it open and porous, and water and other nutrients are able to penetrate deeper into the soil, quickly reaching the root systems.

Fertilizers are more effective because they can migrate into the loosened soil quickly and can be utilized immediately because of the sulfur present in Bio.

Strong, vital root systems can develop in the loosened soil, enabling the plants to reach moisture and other nutrients.

Sulphur is also needed by plants. Sulphur increases protein in the grass, grain, and foliage. Sulphur also decreases excessive levels of magnesium and sodium in the soil.

One pound of Sulphur is required for every 10 to 15 pounds of nitrogen used by plants. Plants use Sulphur in the Sulphate form.


Dosage 50-100 Kg. / Acre


Product Details & Specifications:

Shape Colour Size Application
Granular White / Black/ Brown / Red 2-4mm size via mechanical devices

Additional Information:

  ♦  Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)

  ♦  Port of Dispatch: Mundra (Gujrat), Nvaha Sheva (Mumbai)

  ♦  Production Capacity: 100 MT / Day

  ♦  Delivery Time: 7-10 days