Product Description


Secret Ingredients 11%
Plant origin unsaturated fatty acids 35%
Emulsifier 5%
Non-ionic surfactant 5%
Diluents QS



LARVOSIN is a biotechnologically developed herbal product that provides effective protection against a wide range of insect pests such as leaf-eating caterpillars, fruit and shoot borer, aphids, and jassids, thrips, etc. LARVOSIN also acts as phytotoxic enhancing the plant’s internal defense mechanism, increasing immunity and resistance against sucking pests.


Crops –

All cereals, pulses, millets such as rice, wheat, tur, soybean, cotton, Jowar. All vegetable crops such as Tomato, chili, brinjal, onion, potato, all cucurbit crops, cauliflower, etc, and fruit crops such as citrus crops, pomegranate, guava, sapota, greenhouse crops, and floriculture crops.



2ml per liter of water as a foliar spray at 10-12 days intervals starting from the vegetative phase till fruit/ grain/ pod formation or immediately as the pests become visible but much before flowering and fruiting start.


Safety Precautions -

Keep out of children's reach and avoid skin and eye contact. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct heat. Avoid spraying during hot sun. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.


Compatibility -

Compatible with other agrochemicals and fertilizers.


Disclaimer –

Since the use of the product is beyond our control, manufacturers do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.