MYCO GOLD - Liquid

MYCO GOLD - Liquid

Product Description

Myco Gold is a Vesicular-Arbuscular-Mycorrhiza (VAM) based on spores and fragments of Mycorrhizal fungal filaments and infected root bits. VAM fungi enhance phosphate uptake and mobilize immobile micronutrients like Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Bo, and Mo. VAM is also used as an effective soil inoculant

   ♦   Increases yield by 15-20%

   ♦   Improve plant root growth and development.

   ♦   Increase the uptake and mobilization of phosphate in all crops.

   ♦   Effective in overcoming stress conditions like drought, disease incidence, and deficiency of nutrients.

   ♦  VAM supplements root hair in water absorption hence preventing reduction in crop relative water content of cells and helps to overcome drought.


Dosage: 500 ml– 1 Liter / Acre


Packaging: 500ml, 1000ml Bottle