Neem Oiled Cake ( Fruit Cake )

Neem Oiled Cake ( Fruit Cake )

Product Description

Product Description

Neem Cake is the future of farming in Indian and abroad. We have developed a unique Neem Cake formulation that contains more Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium, and Magnesium than farm yard manure or sewage sludge.

It is widely used in India as a bio-fertilizer for cash crops such as Sugarcane and vegetables, when it is mixed in the soil it protects plant roots from nematodes and white ants, due to its content of the residual limonoids. This cake makes the soil more fertile than any other form of fertilizer. This is due to the blockage of soil bacteria from converting nitrogenous compounds into nitrogen gas.

It has experimented with that Neem Cake when mixed with Urea retards the nitrification rate for about two weeks. Thus, more nitrogen is available as ammonium for a longer period. It can lead to saving of Urea up to 25-50% coupled with improved yields.

The Neem Cake contains Salanin, Nimbin, Azadirachtine, and Azadiradione as the major components. The Azadirachitine repels the insects, inhibits feeding, and affects their hormonal imbalance. Neem Oiled Cake is obtained from pure Neem seed kernels / Neem Fruit which has been crushed to extract the oil. This cake is an excellent organic fertilizer with high NPK values.


Product details & Specifications



Application Method

Neem Fruit

Pulverized Powder

2-5mm size

via mechanical devices



Via broadcasting


Neem Cake Organic Manure can be used on its own as a fertilizer but works most effectively when incorporated into the soil along with nitrogen fertilizer. It works by restricting the growth of denitrifying bacteria, which reduces the breakdown of nitrogen from the fertilizer application. Coating nitrogenous fertilizer with Neem cake increases the fertilizer efficiency and allows for more action against termites and nematodes, the root parasites of many crops.


Type of Products

 ♦ Neem Fruit (5-7 % Neem Oil)

 ♦ Neem Fruit Cake

 ♦ Neem Pulverized Powder

 ♦ Neem Kernel (6-8% Neem Oil)

 ♦ Neem Kernel Cake

 ♦ Neem Pulverized Powder


 ♦ Neem Cake Organic Manure is very effective in the growth, yield, and quality of crops.

 ♦ There is a significant improvement in soil health in all plants treated with Neem Cake.

 ♦ The organic carbon contents increase with an increase in the dose of Neem Cake manure.

 ♦ Soil moisture content is increased during the crop growth period with the application of Neem Cake Organic Manure.

 ♦ Plant growth parameters viz. terminal shoot growth, plant girth, height, and spread were significantly affected by Neem Cake Organic Manure treatments.

 ♦ It was also observed that in Neem Cake Organic Manure treatment fruit pressure and titratable acidity were recorded maximum.


Other Uses:

 ♦ Nematode control: The nematodes such as Haplolaimusindicus HelicotylenchusSp, PratylenchusSp, Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica (root-knot nematode). TylenchorhynchusSpand Rodopholussimilis are being controlled by this Neem Cake product. It also controls parasitic fungi such as R. brassica.

 ♦ Insect pest control: This product also controls Grain moths, lesser grain moths, and red flour beetle.

 ♦ Increase in Earthworm population: In places where Neem Cake Organic Manure is used, an increase in earthworm population is found.

 ♦ Induces nitrification: Induces the nitrification process and the chlorophyll contents get increased. Neem Cake Organic Manure provides more and more nitrates for the plants which in turn induces nitrogen metabolism.

 ♦ Releases Acid, aldehydes, etc.: This also releases fatty acids, aldehydes, Ketones, Amino acids, carbohydrates, and free sulphur, which form the precursor material for plant growth and metabolism.



In general, 10 Kg. of Neem Cake Organic Manure per tree in Horticultural crop and 200-300 Kg. per hectare in other crops is recommended