Product Description

Technical Specification
Ortho Silicic Acid [Si(OH)4] 2.0 (min.)
pH 1.7 – 2.2
Insolubility in water 0.5 (max.)
Specific Gravity (g/m) 1.07 – 1.15
Sodium (as Na) 0.10 (max.)
Chloride (as Cl) 4.00 (max.


♦ One of the main functions of OSAMIN200 (OSA) is improving the plant's growth and yield, especially in stress conditions. To achieve plant tolerance in stress conditions, Silicon promotes photosynthesis by favorably exposing the leaves to light without dehydration.
♦ OSAMIN200 regulates the uptakes of other minerals in plants.
OSAMIN200 increases resistance to salinity and metal toxicity.
OSAMIN200 enhances the K/Na ratio and alters ionic redistribution in both roots and leaves and thereby alleviating the salinity stress.
OSAMIN200 will reinforce the plant tissues. The strengthened plant tissues will be more resistant to fungal and pest attacks.


Foliar Application
Crop Dosage /
1 Liter Water
Application Timing
General 1.00 ml 2-3 times at the flowering stage and at fruit fill time.
Vegetable 1.50 ml 4-5 times flowering stage and at fruit fill time between 10-15 days.
Fruit 1.50 ml 3-4 times at fruit set, fruit development, and fruit set.
Other Crops 1.00 ml 3-4 times at growth time and flowering time.


Drip Irrigation Application: 500 ml - 1 Liter in 1 Acre.

The Irrigation tank should be filled with half of the required amount of water. Measure the required amount of OSAMIN200 and stir properly and then add the remaining water to form the correct dilution.