Product Description

Phytase is an enzyme that helps to break down phytate P (the main form of P in grains) allowing better absorption of grain P by poultry (and other monogastric animals such as swine) and reducing the need for the addition of calcium phosphate supplements. Phytases are digestive enzymes that release plant phosphorus from phytic acid. Monogastric animals lack sufficient phytases to release phosphorus. Adding extra phytases to the diet increases phytate breakdown and consequent utilization of plant phosphorus. If more phosphorus is available naturally, then less of this substance has to be added to the diet. This greatly reduces feed costs. If phosphorus in the diet is utilized more efficiently, then less of this substance is excreted. This reduces the impact of livestock production on the environment. Our phytases deliver exceptional phosphorus release in combination with outstanding reliability and consistency. They enable improved performance and greater business sustainability.


Other Details:

VPHYTE (Removal of Phosphorous) is a phytase enzyme that catalyzes the removal of organic phosphorous from Phytic acid thus making the feed readily digestible. Along with phosphorous other minerals like Ca, Zn, Cu, Mn, and amino acids are released from the phytate complex for physiological functions of the body.



  ♦ Phytase - 3000 u/g

  ♦ Phytase - 5000 u/g



  ♦ Improves the digestibility of all key feed components

  ♦ Gives better growth performance and improved FCR

  ♦ Allows the use of economical diets while obtaining optimum production

  ♦ Fat levels can be reduced by 4%

  ♦ Decreases fat storage in broilers

  ♦ Reduce wet droppings and odor

  ♦ Can be used in pellets with high tolerance/stability

  ♦ Better pellet quality

  ♦ Easily utilization of phosphorus

  ♦ Complements the endogenous proteases & maximizes dietary protein digestibility

  ♦ Breaks complex protein molecules into smaller peptides & amino acids for easy adsorption

  ♦ Expands the use of alternative protein sources

  ♦ Optimizes the economics of meat & egg production, boosts profitability



  ♦ 80-100 grams per Ton of feed

  ♦ 200-300 grams per Ton of feed