Potash Derived From Molasses ( PDM )

Potash Derived From Molasses ( PDM )

Product Description

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 16 Metric Ton
Packaging Type Bag
Packaging Size 50 Kg Bag
Color Brown
Form Powder
State Powder
Usage/Application Agriculture


K Derived from Molasses

Potash is found in plant-available form as potassium (K) salts such as potassium chloride, sulphate, nitrate, etc. These natural deposits are generally the result of the drying out of seas millions of years ago. In soils and plants these salts, which are all water-soluble, separate into the potassium cation K+ and the relevant anion Cl–, SO42-, NO3– etc. Potash in manures is also mainly (70-90%) in water-soluble form, with a small amount bound into the organic material which is released into the soil solution as the organic matter is mineralized.

Potassium Derived from Molasses is a potassium-rich fertilizer derived from molasses which we offer as an alternative to the existing potash fertilizers at a much more economical rate. This fertilizer plays a major role in both the vegetative growth phase of plants as well as in the production phase. These nutrients are suitable for all types of crops. Naturally available POTASH K-10 (up to 20%) and almost all major and micronutrients are available.



· Natural

· Safe

· Comprehensive process

· Precise composition

· Correctly formulated

· Long shelf life



· Improve the shining, flavor, and proper size of the crop

· Increase the resistance in plants against diseases and increases the number of flowers and also helps in increasing plant growth like root length and number of roots and in timely maturity.


Dosage: Depends on crop requirement, generally 50-60 Kg./ Acre


Crops: All crops including fruits and vegetables.