Press Mud Compost

Press Mud Compost

Product Description

Product Details:

Packaging Type 50 Kg Bag
Packaging Size 50 Kg Bag
Form Powder
Pack Type Bags, Jumbo Bags
Usage Agriculture, Fertilizer
Usage/Application Agriculture, Fertilizer
Pack Size 20,25,50 Kg Bags,1000kg Jumbo Bags


Soil fertility is seriously impaired with the excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Research conducted to study the fall in grain production indicates that the soil is getting drained of organic carbon because of the overuse of fertilizers, thus affecting soil fertility.

The gainful use of bio-manure can help address this threat. Press Mud Compost is a plentiful source of carbon for the soil besides being rich in NPK(Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). The use of Press Mud Compost balances the soil organic carbon in the soil and thereby preserves optimum productivity and soil fertility.


Specifications of PRESS MUD COMPOST



Potassium as K20

1.5 %

Nitrogen as N

2.0 %

Phosphorous as P2O5

0.51 %

Zinc as Zn

115 mg/kg

Calcium as C

2.5 %

Magnesium as Mg

1.0 %

Sulphur as S

1.2 %

Iron as Fe

400 mg/kg

Organic Carbon

36.5 %

C: N Ratio

18.3: 1

Bulk Density




Moisture Content

30 %

Beneficial Bacteria Tests

Total Viable Bacterial Count as N Bacteria

1.1 x 106 CFU/gm

Total Viable Bacterial Count as P Bacteria

1.1 x 106 CFU/gm



Unique benefits of PRESS MUD COMPOST

  • Improves the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil.
  • Improves the soil structure, air circulation, and water retention capacity of the soil.
  • Retains nutrients and prevents them from leaching away from the plant roots.
  • Contains both the micro-nutrients (calcium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, etc.) and macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash) essential for plant growth.
  • Microbes accelerate the breakdown of crop residues in the soil. This improves the texture of the soil and also releases the locked-up elements.
  • Increase the yield and quality of field, vegetable, tree, and fruit crops.
  • Can easily be applied as both base-dressing and top-dressing.
  • Improves alkaline and saline/sodic soil.
  • Helps the growth of the roots by improving the soil structure.
  • Ultimately, it betters the crop yield by improving soil fertility and soil structure.
  • Useful for all types of field crops, vegetable crops, orchards, kitchen gardens, and flowers.
  • The requirement of Farm Yard Manure is 15-20 Tons/acre, whereas, the requirement of press mud Compost is only 1-2 Tons/acre.