SULFO – 40

SULFO – 40

Product Description

SULFO – 40 is a suspension concentrate in colloidal form with particle size less than 3 microns. Hence it works excellent against fungi and mites. Spores of powdery mildew is made up of carbohydrate surrounded by a layer of oil globule. SULFO – 40 when comes into contact with oil globules, breaks oil globules easily and reacts with carbohydrates. Hence spores of powdery mildew are killed easily.


Technical Specification
Sulphur Content (S) 40%
pH 5 - 9
Colour White – Pale Yellow Colour
Form Liquid
Dose 1ml/Liter


♦ Fungicide, Acaricide & Growth Promoter
♦ Controls Powdery Mildew and Sulphur Deficiency of various crops
♦ Multi-site contact action Fungicide
♦ It has no scorching effect on tender leaves, berries, or fruits. It is recommended to use in cucurbit crops also even when the day temperature is higher.
♦ Saffron is nonreactive with other spray inputs and thereby can be tank-mixed with any spray input.
♦ Recommended for organic farming.

After killing the spores, SULFO – 40 gets converted into sulphide form on the surface of leaves and reacts with oxygen, and gets converted into sulphate form (SO4) which can easily be absorbed by the plant. SULFO – 40, because of its particles less than 3 micron, exerts activities very fast and as the fourth major crop nutrient, it gets converted into sulphate very fast. This is the key to enhanced activity of Sulphur 40% SC.