SULFO - 55

SULFO - 55

Product Description

SULFO - 55 is a suspension concentrate in colloidal form with a particle size of fewer than 3 microns. Hence it works excellent against fungi and mites. It stimulates plant growth by increasing photosynthesis and improves the color of fruits and leaves.


Technical Specification
Sulphur Content (S) 55.16%
pH 5 - 9
Colour White – Pale Yellow Colour
Form Liquid
Dose 1ml/Liter


SULFO - 55 has triple action on the crop, offered SULFO – 55 can work as an effective growth promoter, powerful fungicide, and versatile acaricide.
♦ It increases Chlorophyll in plants & reduces the yellowish color of plants.
♦ Multi-site contact action Fungicide
♦ Recommended for organic farming.


Dose: 500 to 700 ml per acre for Foliar Spray and 1 liter to 1.5 liters in soil application