Sulphur 80% WDG

Sulphur 80% WDG

Product Description

Sulphur 80% WDG is a wettable fungicide & insecticide suitable to be used in organic gardens & has an exceptionally low level of toxicity. It is used to control mites for a range of fungal disorders including powdery mildew, rust, brown rot, etc. It can be applied until harvest, except for wine grapes & is best suitable for most plants including vegetables, fruits, vines, ornamental plants, etc. 



 ♦ Safe fungicide and miticide to overcome powdery mildew, rust, and mites in the plant.

 ♦ Safe and non-toxic with no withholding period.

 ♦ Soluble and suitable for foliar spray.

 ♦ Easy to handle and easy to use.



Crop Pest Problems Dosage of product per Acre
Cotton "Dahiya" Disease 750 gm
Groundnut "Tikka" (Leaf spot) 750 gm
Vegetable beans, Chilies, Onion, Peas, Bhindi, Cucurbits Powdery Mildew 500-1000 gm
Mango flowers, Citrus, Grapevine, Ornamentals Powdery Mildew 1000-1500 gm
Grapevine in flower, fruiting Powdery Mildew 750-1000 gm
Misc-Cumin fennel Powdery Mildew 750 gm
Vegetables, Fruit stares, Jowler, Cotton, Mango, Sugarcane, Coconut Red Spider Mite 500-1500 gm



 ♦ Sulphur is a dust-free, flowable micronized Sulphur granules, with ease of measuring & handling.

 ♦ It has instant dispersion and high suspensibility in water, therefore it doesn’t cause scorching.

 ♦ It has triple action as fungicides, micronutrients (Sulphur), and miticide. 

 ♦ It has sustained action for a longer effect.

 ♦ There are no stains on fruits & leaves after spraying, nor do leaves get burnt. 

 ♦ Increases crude protein of forages.

 ♦ Improves plant winter hardiness & drought resistance.

 ♦ Improves crop quality including color and uniformity.


For Best Results:

Use sufficient water per acre to give thorough coverage of all plant parts.